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Bulk Liquid Storage Facility Automation
Company increases capacity, quality and flexibility with PCS 7 for bulk liquid storage facility.
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Tecnologia - Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7
Vantaggi per il cliente
- Miglioramento della qualità
- Aumento della flessibilità
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Western States Controls
Western States Controls engineers are constantly trained in the latest technologies, equipment and software available to measure, control, optimize and manage industrial processes. Our 28 engineeers and technicians have the skills available to help our clients realize unparalleled gains in their plant operations.
Portafoglio di servizi: Industrie - priorità:
  • Design of Process Control Technology
  • Installation of Process Control Technology
  • Project Processing of Process Control Technology
  • Construction of Panels
  • Installation of Panels
  • Automation of Production/ Operation
  • Efficiency Enhancement Utility & Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Chemicals
  • Food and Beverage
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petro-chemicals
Breve profilo: Anno di fondazione: 1996
Personale: 28
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