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Um die Prozessqualität einer Anlage zu erhöhen, mussten grosse Klappen für Kühlluft (DN 800mm) schneller ihre Sollposition erreichen. Dafür wurde von pneumatischen auf servomotorische Antriebe mit 2500Nm Drehmoment gewechselt.
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Industry Glass
Technology - Drives & Motion
- Motion Control
- Safety Integrated for Factory Automation
Customer benefit
- Improve Quality
- Increase Flexibility
- Minimize Maintenance Costs
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Brütsch Elektronik AG
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Compelling solutions through commitment and expertise! Brütsch Elektronik AG develops and manufactures customer specific solutions for automation, security and medical technology applications.
Service Portfolio: Main Industries:
  • Integration/Engineering : Hardware, Software, HMI and Safety
  • Project Processing : Design, Implementation, Commissioning
  • Panel Building : Dimensioning, Layouting, Building, Testing
  • After-Sales Service : Service, Repairs, Improvement
  • Retrofit : Survey, Simulation, Rebuilding
  • Efficiency Enhancement : Process and Consumption optimization
  • Construction : Electrical devices
  • Glass
  • Medical Equipment
  • Machine Building
  • Production machines
Company profile Year founded: 1971
Employee: 100
Short profile:
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