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GE Energy Cam & Crank Machine
The system has been designed to handle multiple part types in one machine. A single spindle is used to drive the tool bars and is mounted to a three axis unit allowing it to move to different boring bar positions. The cam and crank tool bars are capable of supporting both semi-finish and finish tooling simultaneously and will be supported with rotary bushings located in the fixture bar supports.
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Отрасль Энергетика/Энергоэффективность
Технология - Advanced Factory Automation
- Basic Factory Automation
- Drives & Motion
- Machine Tools SINUMERIK
- Machine Tools VALUE ADDED
- Motion Control
Польза клиента
- Повышение качества
- Увеличение гибкости
- Минимизация операционных затрат
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Ingersoll Production Systems LLC
With over 100 years of machine tool experience, IPS has the unique ability to provide cost effective solutions for all your manufacturing needs. We build custom machines and automation as well as service, retrofit, and rebuild all types of equipment. Let us help identifying the best production solution for your specific need.
Производственный спектр: Отрасли - основные вопросы:
  • Installation of Machine Tools
  • Automation Equipment
  • Programming of PLC and CNC Control Systems
  • Maintenance of Manufacturing Equipment
  • Integration/Engineering of Production Equipment
  • Retrofit of PLC and CNC Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Machine Building
  • Handling machinery and robots
  • Production machines
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