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Chemical Plant production, pipeline and storage modernization
Chemical Plant production, pipeline and storage modernization.
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Indústria Chemicals
Tecnologia - PCS 7 Safety specialist
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- Ensure Security
- Minimize Maintenance Costs
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Champion Technology Services, Inc.
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Champion Technology Services is a full service industrial automation and control system consulting company, founded in 2000 with 7 offices located throughout LA, TX, UT, and CO. Champion has implemented projects throughout the US, as well as internationally. When it comes to technology, “we’ve got it under control!”
Portfólio de serviços: Principais indústrias:
  • Maintenance and Service of all Automation Systems and Equipment
  • Installation of Industial Automation Equipment and Systems
  • Consulting for DCS, PLC, Software and Drive Systems
  • Design of Industrial Automation DCS and PLC Control Panels
  • Integration/Engineering of DCS, PLC, SCADA & Historian Systems
  • Training of Systems and Operators
  • Panel Building with two UL Panel Shops, UT & LA
  • Chemicals
  • Food and Beverage
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
Breve perfil: Ano de fundação: 2000
Empregado: 105
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