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Автоматизация и диспетчеризация компрессорной установки К-250 ОАО "Электроцинк" УГМК
Разработка системы автоматического управления и диспетчеризации компрессорной установки К-250 ОАО "Электроцинк" УГМК
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Indústria Casting of metals
Tecnologia - Advanced Factory Automation
- Automation System SIMATIC (valid until FY17)
- Drives & Motion
- Human Machine Interface SIMATIC HMI (valid until FY17)
- Industrial Communications
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- Improve Quality
- Ensure Security
- Minimize Operating Costs
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Reell Engineering
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The Company is Developing and Researching Software and Manufacturing Control Systems for: - Making Digital Factory based on technology Industry 4.0+ in PLC/DCS, SCADA/HMI, MES, ERP and BI IT-systems; - Fully integrated IT-space of PLC/DCS, SCADA/HMI, MES, ERP and BI IT-systems; - Intelligent Assistants
Portfólio de serviços: Principais indústrias:
  • Control/Supervision Onboard telemetry for KAMAZ MASTER Trucks
  • Automation Sapphire crystal production KamaCrystalTechnology
  • Control/Supervision SCADA of buildings and technologies
  • Automation Water vapor ejection machines
  • Automation Sewage treatment systems
  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage
  • Water
  • Infrastructure Construction
Breve perfil: Ano de fundação: 2012
Empregado: 22
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