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Update Antiquated Boiler Control with Reliable but Familiar Controls
Replace pneumatic single-loop controllers and charts with redundant controllers, redundant OS Servers and touchscreen client.
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Indústria Food and Beverage
Tecnologia - Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7
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- Improve Quality
- Reduce Cost of Production
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Cross Company Integrated Systems Group
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Cross Integrated Systems Group is a quality driven solutions company providing design, products, and system integration and engineering services to the process industry and municipalities. We work with customers to provide products and engineering solutions tailored to your application. We experts in DCS and PLC migrations.
Portfólio de serviços: Principais indústrias:
  • Design System, UL508A panel, network design
  • Programming of Control Systems
  • Consulting for Control Systems
  • Commissioning of integrated systems
  • After-Sales Service for Automation Systems
  • Chemicals
  • Pharma
  • Energy/Efficiency
  • BioFuel
Breve perfil: Ano de fundação: 1991
Empregado: 34
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