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Erweiterung einer Ansatzlinie im Galenikbereich
Erweiterung einer bestehenden Ansatzlinie zur Kapazitätssteigerung und Optimierung der Anlage. Verbesserung und Erweiterung der Reinigungsanlage für die Anlagenreinigung.
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Sector Producción de Sustancia Biotécnica
Tecnología - Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7
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- Aumentar la disponibilidad
- Aumentar el rendimiento
- Aumentar la flexibilidad
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ControlTech Engineering AG
Your international Chemical and Pharma expert in Switzerland. Defined high project performance delivered by our more than 45 technicians and engineers. Our competence in automation and drives is proven by our status as certified partner and by defined customer benefits.
Espectro de Potencia: Enfoques de Sectores:
  • Elaboration of Control Engineering
  • Construction of Control Modules
  • Automation of Machines and Facilities
  • Design of Automation Technology
  • Installation of Systems
  • Project Processing of Control Systems
  • Implementation of IT-Technology
  • Chemicals
  • Pharma
  • Bio API Production
  • Food and Beverage
Perfil breve: Año de fundación: 1990
Colaborador: 52
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