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Skin/stripe extruder
Control of skin/stripe extruder based on Sinamics G120 drive and S7-1200 PLC.
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Sector Máquinas para la Industria eléctrica
Tecnología - Drives & Motion
Ventajas para el cliente
- Aumentar la flexibilidad
- Aumentar la eficiencia energética
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Technokabel SA
TECHNOKABEL was established in 1982 by a group of engineers, experienced in cable manufacturing. At present the company employs 167 persons.The company is specialised, in particular, in screened flexible high performance cables for analogue and digital data transmission, applied in computer, control and telecommunication systems.
Espectro de Potencia: Enfoques de Sectores:
  • Construction of Cable for Industrial Automation, PC
  • Project Processing of Industrial Cables
  • Consulting
  • Retrofit of Machinery based on PLC S7
  • Machine Building
  • Wire & Cable
Perfil de la empresa: Año de fundación: 1982
Colaborador: 167
Perfil breve:
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