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Modernisierung einer Grundwassersanierungsanlage
Kompletter Austausch der alten Anlagensteuerung durch Einsatz modernster Steuerungskomponenten mit jahrelanger Systemverfügbarkeit, Steuerungsaufbau mit dezentraler Peripherie über PROFINET.
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Industry Machinery for water preparation
Technology - Advanced Factory Automation
- Automation System SIMATIC (valid until FY17)
Customer benefit
- Improve Quality
- Increase Availability
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Engels Elektrotechnik GmbH
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Your international Building automation expert in Germany. Defined high project performance delivered by our more than 10 technicians and engineers. Our competence in automation and drives is proven by our status as certified partner and by defined customer benefits (see references).
Service Portfolio: Main Industries:
  • Automation of Machines and Facilities
  • Project Processing for Automation Technology
  • Design of System Software
  • Consulting for Industry
  • Technical Service for Process Facilities
  • Commissioning of Security Systems
  • Maintenance of Machines and Facilities
  • Building automation
  • Control Systems
  • Machine Building
  • Packaging machines
Company profile Year founded: 1955
Employee: 10
Short profile:
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