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Dansk Retursystem reached their vision, in collaboration with Eltronic A/S
Dansk Retursystem had a vision to centralize and automate the collection of deposit-marked bottles and cans instead of having separate reverse vending machines in retail stores. Dansk Retursystem wanted a system which would be able to collect entire bags of bottles and cans instead of only single items. This vision of an unmanned deposit station was reached in a collaboration with Eltronic A/S.
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Industry Recycling and Waste Processing
Technology - Advanced Factory Automation
- Automation System SIMATIC (valid until FY17)
- Human Machine Interface SIMATIC HMI (valid until FY17)
- Industrial Communications
Customer benefit
- Increase Availability
- Raise Throughput
- Minimize Operating Costs
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Eltronic A/S
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Your international automation expert in Denmark. Defined by high project performance delivered by our more than 240 technicians and engineers. Our competence within automation and drives is proven by our status as certified partner and by defined customer benefits (see references).
Service Portfolio: Main Industries:
  • Construction of Machines and Facilities
  • Automation
  • Project Processing
  • Panel Building
  • Pharma
  • Food and Beverage
  • Machine Building
  • Oil and Gas
Company profile Year founded: 2000
Employee: 230
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