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Stretching Machine
The food industry has used for years stretchers gumball machine, to give their special touch to each of their products. With the use of technology S7-1500, a stretch gumball machine was automated. Updating your operating interface
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Sector Golosinas
Tecnología - Advanced Factory Automation
- Automation System SIMATIC (valid until FY17)
- Basic Factory Automation
- Human Machine Interface SIMATIC HMI (valid until FY17)
Ventajas para el cliente
- Minimizar los costes de explotación
- Minimizar los costes de hardware
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Innovating for more than 22 years in the city of Manizales, AUTOMATIZAR is synonymous with growth and and industrial revolution, by integrating latest technology equipment in the needs of customers, has become the most solid automation company in the coffee region of Colombia.
Espectro de Potencia: Enfoques de Sectores:
  • Automation of Buildings
  • of Solar Energy
  • Design of Alarm Systems
  • Maintenance electrical industrial
  • Design of Industrial Automation Systems
  • Chocolate, sugar, confectionary
  • Processing of tea, coffee
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Refinement of wood products
Perfil breve: Año de fundación: 1993
Colaborador: 20
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