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Innovative SME developing real-time cloud based identification/locating software systems, making technologies such as RTLS, RFID, IndoorGIS 3D, Computer Vision, etc. work together and orchestrating the data of other company systems (IoT, ERP, WMS, etc.) to obtain ad hoc "System Digital Twin" solutions for every need
Portefeuille de Service: Industries Principales :
  • Consulting about Identification/Locating Systems
  • Design of Identification/Locating Systems
  • Programming and developing software to realize RFID/RTLS systems
  • Integration/Engineering of the realized systems with existing sys
  • Commissioning of realized systems
  • Training on the realized systems (training on the job)
  • After-Sales Service and maintenance on the realized systems
  • Electrical Industry
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water
  • Wood and wood products
Profil court: Année de fondation: 2006
Employé: 25