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INP is an electrical engineering and services company supporting the manufacturing industry. We specialize in industrial auomation and power generation with a focus on Eurupean technologies. We are experts in project management, delivery, and installation of European machines and equipment.
Espectro de Potencia: Enfoques de Sectores:
  • Automation - industrial production & process engineering systems
  • Installation
  • Maintenance - optimization of equipment, systems. & machinery
  • Commissioning - design procurement & operational tests
  • Control/Supervision
  • Technical Service - intercultural competence in project execution
  • Retrofit - enhancing dated technologies & improving efficiency
  • Automotive
  • Components for drive engineering
  • Handling machinery and robots
  • Machinery for electrcal industry
Perfil breve: Año de fundación: 2001
Colaborador: 50