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Interpack 2011 (Packaging Machines) Machine Guide

C&C Group S.r.l. C-One Stretchwrapping Machines

C-One Vertex X Twin with Criss-Cross wrapping

Hall: 5, Booth: J37

The machine

C-One Vertex X Twin is a high speed stretch wrapping machine. It has a double rotating arm, so it can wrap twice faster than a normal rotating arm. The machine can be equipped with a device for the criss-cross wrapping to give a better stabilization of the load. The criss cross wrapping can replace a strapping machine in most of the cases, allowing money and space savings. The standard arms rotation speed is 40 RPM, but it could be more if requested, thanks to the design of the frame and the quality of the components. The carriages con pre-stretch the film up to 300% and the sealing units don't heat the film against the load. If there is a fault in one of the carriages or sealing unit, the machine can keep working as a single arm wrapper


  • SIMATIC S7-300
  • SIMATIC Panel TP

Machine type

Target industry