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Gear Grinding Machine LGG 180/280
Liebherr Verzahntechnik GmbH

Hall 26 / booth A90

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The non-dressable grinding tools combine superior tool quality, easy handling and extended tool lives. The integrated centrifuging station removes chips and coolants from ground components such that loss of oil is prevented.


- Machine

  • Superior component quality and high-performance SPC
  • Fast setup and short downtimes
  • Technological flexibility for internal and external toothing

- Benefits provided by CBN

  • Non-dressable tool
  • Easy operation analog to gear hobbing

- Integrated centrifuging station: Clean, drip-free workpieces
- SPC/NiO withdrawal at the centrifuging station
Closed-loop solution between the measuring machine WGT 280 and LGG 280 gear grinding machines

Additional information

Machine type
  • Gear machining
  • SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • SIMOTICS S Servomotors
  • Automotive
  • Different / Other industries


Liebherr Verzahntechnik GmbH

Kaufbeurer Straße 141
87437 Kempten (Allgäu)

  • +49 831 786-0
  • +49 831 786-1279


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