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K35 5AX
Taiwan Machine Tool Co. Ltd.

Hall 26 / booth D46

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  • High cutting rigidity with Gantry structure design.
  • Compact design lessfloor occupation.
  • Cutting area isolated to ensure the transmission system life longer and easier to install linear scale.
  • High efficiency servo drive ATC system, C-C (T1-T2) only 4 sec., with high stable performance.
  • ATC install at the center of basement to reduce the width of othe machine to save the walking steps to loading & unloading workpiece.
  • Y axis linear guide with chromate finish and anti-rusty treatment, with two pieces wipers to pevent chips to affect accuracy.
  • Could have single C axis 350 mm, two heads C axis 250 mm or 105 mm with four C axis; Integrated radial and axial bearing design to enhance accuracy.

Additional information

Machine type
  • Milling
  • SIMOTICS S Servomotors
  • SIMOTICS M Main Motors
  • Automotive
  • Tool- and mold-making


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