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FZH Horizontal Machining Center
F. Zimmermann GmbH

Hall 13 / booth B53

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Zimmermann's horizontal machining centers feature pioneering new developments and high-performance milling spindles. They make it possible to manufacture aerospace industry components from a wide range of different materials. The rigid machine bed of the innovative travelling column unit and the highly dynamic Zimmermann milling heads ensure an efficient milling process. The automation system, which is supplied as standard, and the newly developed pallet handling capability are integral components of the horizontal machining centres. Used in combination with the highly dynamic Zimmermann milling heads, the FZH ensures an extremely efficient milling process during the machining of aluminum and composites.

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Machine type
  • Milling
  • SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • Aerospace


F. Zimmermann GmbH

Bernhäuser Str. 35
73765 Neuhausen a.d.F.

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