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NB 151
Starrag AG

Hall 12 / booth B58

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NB 151, 5 axis Blisk machining center

No matter if it is called a Blisk (bladed disk) or an IBR (integrally bladed rotor), no matter if it is single stage or multi stage, Starrags dedicated machine concept of the NB 151 provides the best solution for efficiently machining these parts. Blisks made from Titanium, Nickel-based superalloys and Blisks made of blade steels for stationary gas turbines triggered the development of the NB 151. For all the necessary manufacturing operations Starrag provides the benchmark: Efficient roughing for Blisks machined from solid, adaptive machining for friction welded Blisks, high dynamic finishing of the airfoils in point contact. The NB series is based on the very successful Starrag LX series.

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Machine type
  • Milling
  • SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • SIMOTICS S Servomotors
  • Aerospace


Starrag AG

Seebleichestr. 61
9404 Rorschacherberg


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