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Breton Matrix 800
Breton Spa

Hall 13 / booth C29

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High-precision 5-axis vertical machining centre with 2,000 x 2,500 x 800 mm travel, particularly suitable for hi-feed roughing, finishing and semi-finishing operations on medium applications on composites, light alloys and steel. The integrated development of the mechanical, electronic and software parts through Digital Twin allows to optimize the design choices thanks to a degree of realistic simulation that was unconceivable until recently. In this way, what we saw on the digital twin is then found on the real product proving the achievement of design performance. The robust and thermo-symmetric gantry structure enhanced with the cutting-edge ThermalShield technology guarantees the best structural and thermal stiffness and stability.

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Machine type
  • Milling
  • Digital twin of machining
  • Digital twin of engineering
  • SINUMERIK blackline plus
  • SIMOTICS S Servomotors
  • SIMOTICS M Main Motors
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Power Generation
  • Tool- and mold-making
  • Different / Other industries


Breton Spa

Via Garibaldi 27
31030 Castello di Godego


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