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Connecting Sinamics G150 to a profibus network!

Thread Starter: Ayman Elotaify   Started: 10/27/2008 7:41 AM   Replies: 2

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  10/27/2008, 7:41 AM
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Dear all,
My clinet have a DCS system from Emerson and he have two Sinamics drives and he wants to control the two drives through Profibus network.
I am not the supplier of Emerson and the supplier of Emerson asked me to help him.
What should he do for controlling the drive. He wants only to write the setpoint speed and to read the actual speed and also to know if there's a fault and ack. it and to start, stop... etc.
What's the parameters which I should set in the drive and also what should he make in Emerson controller.
I have given him the *.gsd file of the drive.

Ayman Elotaify
MISC Egypt
  10/27/2008, 9:53 AM
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Hello Ayman;

If this can help, here is part of a document we used a few years ago when we needed to interface a Simatic G150 to Controllogix and GE Fanuc PLCs using Profibus-DP.

Siemens Sinamics G150
Gsd file:si018105.gse
Standard telegram 352 (parameter p0922=352)
6 words OUT (not  used in our application, Start/Stop and Speed reference from PLC I/Os).
6 words IN:
0STW1 (Status word 1): bit 0= Ready to power up
r2089[0]bit 1= Ready
bit 2= Operation enabled
bit 3= Fault
bit 7= Alarm
bit 8= setpoint inactive
bit 10= Comparison value reached
bit 11= Current limit reached
bit 13= Motor Overtemp. Alarm
bit 15: Converter overtemp. Alarm
1Speed feedback
4Fault codeTo be completed
5Alarm codeTo be completed

You need to use the Delta V Profibus configurator (Sycon, I believe) to integrate the drive gsd, insert a drive on the configurator's bus, create a link from the master to the drives (select the correct Profibus address for the drive and select modules with appropriate I/O addressing); then the drive has to be parametrized to give you access to the correct telegram and values.
There are a few "standard" telegram formats available for the G150, and telegram 999 is freely configurable. You must ask the technician setting the drive parameters to select the telegram number in P0922, then set the registers you want to read for each of the  available addresses in the input telegram; you see above the values we chose and their associated registers in the G150.
One thing is that we did not use the OUT addresses to send commands to the drive, the client prefered hardwired signals, so you will have to research that part.

You should take a few minutes to study the Sinamics G list manual,  you will find informative function diagrams for Profibus connections and telegrams.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier

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  11/30/2008, 5:50 PM
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Hello Mr. Dchartier

Let's think in Siemens controllers.
If I have a Siemens controller; S7-300/400. And I want to set the drive to work as a slave on the profibus network, what should I do in parameters?

I will tell you here and tell me if there is any thing wrong or missing.

After connecting Profibus connectors, Set the profibus addresses by dip-switches.
Set P0700 = 5 : S/G 150 PROFIBUS
Set P1000 = 1 : PROFIBUS

If there's something missing, please tell me.
Thanks in advance.

Ayman Elotaify
MISC Egypt
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