Segmüller, Weiterstadt (Deutschland)

Published in: GO! 2 / 2006

Brilliant promotion

LOGO! controls advertising installation of the Segmüller furniture store

It is impossible to overlook the furniture giant "Segmüller" in Weiterstadt/Darmstadt! A 120 feet high advertising tower with the name of the company in the form of nine feet high illuminated letters magically attracts the eye from afar. And the enormous, illuminated entrance beckons visitors enticingly into the shopping paradise.

The name "Segmüller" has stood for a successful family business known for its high quality furniture and furnishings for 80 years. At the Weiterstadt location with a sales area of more than 45,000 square yards, it was important for Segmüller to prove its competence in quality matters already from the outside, at a glance so to speak. The result was a very visually impressive illuminated advertising installation. The creator of this gigantic installation is the Westiform visuelle Kommunikation GmbH in Eberstadt (Württemberg). In control terms, the world's most important provider to the illuminated advertising industry has once again relied successfully on its ten years of experience with LOGO! "In illuminated advertising installations with rotary or tilting drives, we not only solve the control tasks with LOGO! more easily and flexibly but also faster than with conventional switching technology", Hans Schmelzle, Master Electrician in Assembly/Service at Westiform. Locks can be effected easily. Later customer wishes can also be integrated in the finished concept without any problem. A big advantage is also the worldwide availability of the Siemens products. "The co-operation with the Siemens company is very good. Any questions are answered quickly and competently," the master electrician praises.

Intelligent light from two thousand fluorescent lamps

The highlight of the illuminated advertisement is without a doubt the 120 feet high, free-standing tower which is visible from afar. The 200 t giant consists of three vertical tubular steel masts, an enormous triangular construction and sailcloth membrane elements with an area of 3 x 26 x 4.95 m. The total illuminated area is 390 m2. Approximately 800 fluorescent lamps which are switched on or off depending on daylight ensure that the name "Segmüller" is perfectly legible day and night even from a great distance. The heart of the light control system is a LOGO! 12/24 RC. Two twilight switches determine the amount of daylight. If it is dark, that is a measured light intensity of 60 lx, LOGO! switches the system to half load. This means every second lamp is switched off. This change is of course invisible to the visitors. With increasing daylight, the next morning, the lamps are switched back on. Equally impressive is the steel and glass entrance door lit up in red. The individual letters above the door are fixed by spacers so that they appear to float in front of the building facade. The 9 feet high and 72 feet long letters are illuminated by almost 1,200 fluorescent lamps. Another LOGO! 12/24 RC is used to control the light system. The light is switched on at 9 a.m. and switched off at 10 p.m. by the integrated timer. A twilight switch measures the light intensity. At a defined 60 lx the light system is also switched to half load so that 600 lamps go out. Two PT100 sensors have been installed additionally at the entrance. In case of overheating, LOGO! switches off the system immediately and therefore avoids damage. The power supply is guaranteed by two LOGO!Power.

Regular and safe system maintenance

With LOGO!'s operating hours counter, both the duration of the day or night switching and the operating times of the fluorescent lamps are recorded. This inspection possibility allows regular maintenance to be carried out after 2,000 operating hours among other things. Maintenance or repair work is carried out in the maintenance rooms or the illuminated advertising installation. The system operation is interrupted by a door contact switch when entering these rooms for safety reasons. However, it is possible to test the system in service mode or after repairs: A service switch allows access to LOGO! and therefore the operation of the system from the maintenance room. When leaving the maintenance room, the regular operation is resumed by actuating a switch.

Siemens products were also chosen for the low-voltage technology. The scope of delivery included, for example, residual current operated circuit breakers 5SM and miniature circuit breakers of the 5SY series from the low-voltage circuit breaker program Beta, contactors, contact elements and in-line fuse switch disconnectors.

Convincing result

The optimum dimensions and locations of the advertising installations were determined exactly by Westiform using satellite photos and on-site simulations on a 1:1 scale. After receiving planning permission, the company only took twelve weeks to design, build and assemble the immense installations. "Completing this big project," Westiform proudly acclaim, "was a logistic and technical challenge which we met to the full satisfaction of our customer.