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Published in: B1 2009/01

Cementing a Good Example

Modernization with Siemens technology has turned the headquarters of ACC Limited into a “green building”

India can now boast another “green building”: As part of the renovation of the headquarters of ACC Limited in Mumbai, Siemens technology has brought about improvements not only in energy efficiency but also in occupational safety and data security.

Cement House has been completely modernized without compromising the structure of the building
ACC Limited  is India's leading manufacturer of cement. Established in 1936, ACC has been a pioneer and a trendsetter in cement and concrete technology. Among the first companies in India to include commitment to environment protection as a corporate objective, ACC has won several prizes and accolades for environment-friendly measures implemented in its manufacturing facilities across India. The headquarters of ACC is the Cement House in Mumbai, which was constructed in 1939. In early 2008, ACC began work to renovate the building, with Knightfrank India chosen as project management consultants. Knightfrank contracted the architects M/s. Niteen Parulekar Architects Pvt. Ltd. (NPAPL) to modernize the building in compliance with civil, electrical, and safety requirements as well as world-class standards without compromising on the structure.
Sustainable development and environmental protection key
The architects appointed M/s. D R Bellare Electrical Consultants, a renowned electrical consultancy firm, with the responsibility of revamping the complete electrical systems of Cement House. D R Bellare, the proprietor of M/s. D R Bellare Electrical Consultants, is an electrical engineer by profession. He commenced consultancy services in the field of electrical systems in 1993, and has since widely established credentials in the field of design and consultancy for electrical systems of hotels and resorts, IT/ITES, offices, high-rise buildings, commercial and academic institutions as well as arts and crafts centers, and infrastructure projects, to name a few.
D R Bellare and his team rely on the very latest technology for all their projects. When it came to the modernization project at the Cement House, they evaluated a number of technical implementation options that would meet ACC's guidelines for “sustainable development and environmental protection”. These guidelines have already received international recognition through various awards for their environmental and safety excellence, including the Indo German Greentech Environment Excellence Award, the Golden Peacock Environment Management Special Award, and the Sword of Honor of the British Safety Council.
Innovative technology in keeping with eco-friendly standards
D R Bellare and his team conducted an extensive survey of the products and solutions in the Indian building technology market. Major parameters of analysis were the technology offered, the availability of products, System Partner execution capability and after sales service capabilities. ACC in consultation with M/s. D R Bellare Electrical Consultants finally chose Siemens as its approved vendor. The innovative solutions supplied by Siemens covered setting up the communication systems, increasing occupational safety and data security, and improving energy efficiency - all in accordance with ACC's eco-friendly standards, the aim of which was to turn the existing complex into a “green building” that would set a benchmark for the future. For far-reaching safety measures, power management and efficient low-voltage power distribution, Siemens supplied products from the Sentron range. The eco-friendly air circuit breakers and molded case circuit breakers meet RoHS guidelines and cover a range from 100 to 1600 amps. The final stage of the power distribution project saw the installation of 5SX miniature circuit breakers and 5SM residual current circuit breakers approved for occupational safety (ISI) from the Beta low-voltage circuit protection range. Housed in attractive 8GB distributors, these circuit breakers are designed to protect the individual circuits.
From access control to fire protection
Siemens also supplied building management solutions for a number of areas, from public address systems to video surveillance systems. The access control system is linked to the fire detection and alarm system, which means that if a fire breaks out, all doors are opened automatically. For the especially critical area of the server room, Siemens supplied a fire protection system that automatically detects fire sources and extinguishes them immediately. This fire protection system consists of a fire detection system (detectors, wiring, control panel, activation and alarms), pressurized gas cylinders containing argon extinguishing gas, supply lines for the extinguishing agent, outlet valves and sprinkler nozzles. The system operates according to the total flooding principle: it releases the inert gas into a closed compartment until the gas concentration is sufficient to extinguish the fire. The system is activated either automatically by the fire detection and related control systems or manually.
Silver LEED certificate
Ravi Palande, owner of M/s. Ravi Electricals in Mumbai, the company appointed to carry out the complete installation and commissioning of the electrical systems, praised Siemens for its product range and engineering support: “Both helped us to complete the contract on time, to save on labor costs and to achieve a result with which ACC was extremely satisfied.” Project manager Neha Bagait from Knight Frank (I) Pvt. Ltd. exhibits confidence in ACC's quest for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Rating certificate to Cement House, with the solutions offered by Siemens. ACC's administrative manager, Mario Fernandes, is proud that the modernized head office is now suitably engineered to qualify for the “green building” certification. He sums up his feelings as follows: “We are completely satisfied with the Siemens technical solutions that we implemented in consultation with M/s. D R Bellare Consultants.”
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