Servo pump

The energy-efficient solution for hydraulic machines


Superior efficiency all along the line. This is the criterion when optimizing hydraulic injection molding and blow molding machines. In particular, this applies to all kinds of hydraulically driven axes on, for example, injection molding machines. In addition to the trend to design hydraulic machines completely or partially electrically, it is also advantageous to optimize the hydraulic units.

For this, Siemens provides a perfect approach with the  highly dynamic servo pump. With an energy saving of up to 70%, your investment in the future will pay off within a very short time.

Sample solution for the servo pump

  • Suitable combinations (at least one hydraulic pump and one SIMOTICS S synchronous motor)

  • Active control of the servo pump “DCC“

  • No throttling losses on control valves

  • Process-oriented energy use through consumption-oriented consumption

  • Customizable and low noise

Process-oriented energy use

In general, energy-efficient, retrofitted systems only consume half of the energy compared to hydraulic machines during the relevant phases. The largest energy saving effect is achieved during "interval times": In this case, the servo-driven pump stands nearly still and only consumes little energy whereas, in the solutions used so far, the pump must continue running at reduced power (15-20%).

Overview of the benefits

  • High energy efficiency
    Ensured by a high degree of efficiency and an optimum adjustment of the force and speed to the pressing process

  • Convenient implementation
    Using a convenient drive system ensuring superior functionality and energy saving in valve technology

  • Less complex
    Due to the modular structure using only a few components