Ladda ner produktdata

Via the menu Service it is possible to request Article data

In the second step you determines for which selection you want to request the article data. You can select here amongst other things from:
• Articles that have been ordered the last 12 months by your business
• Articles with a customer article number
• A selection on the basis of regional product group
• A file with article numbers

In the third step you can select the file format, where you can choose between Access, Excel and CSV.

In the fourth step you can determine which fields you want to download

UYou can add fields here, remove and determine the sequence of the fields. The Industry Mall remembers the last position, so that you can make use at a following selection again of the same setting After you have selected and arranged the fields, you can click the button "Request Download".

Then you receive two e-mails:
• An e-mail with the confirmation of the request
• An e-mail when the requested files are ready

When the request is ready, click "Download area".

There you can download the 3 files, bundled in one ZIP file:
• A file with the required information of the normal articles
• A file with articles for which a successive article is already known
• A file with articles that are no longer deliverable

The files have been protected with your login. The files remain here 5 working days.

09/03/2009 | Author: Name