WinCC/PerformanceMonitor - New Option for SIMATIC WinCC V7.2

Analysis and optimization of production based on individual key figures

WinCC/Performance Monitor

The new WinCC/PerformanceMonitor option extends the functionality with the calculation of plant-specific key figures.
It is based on preconfigured process values ​​as operands, which are linked at runtime, depending on time or context. The calculation formulas used can be defined quickly and easily in WinCC without additional knowledge. All results are available for fast analysis in WinCC as bar or Gantt charts or tables, including in the WinCC/WebNavigator. The SIMATIC Information Server is supported for individual web-based reports. To increase productivity, weak points are identified and optimization potentials are derived based on the calculated plant key figures.

The option WinCC/Downtime Monitor which was used in a comparable area of application will no longer be released for WinCC V7.2 and higher.

If you now optimize your plant you can benefit from the WinCC Analyze and Starter Package which is available up to the 30.09.2014. This package consists of the base packages of the WinCC/PerformanceMonitor and the SIMATIC Information Server 2013.