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Regarding communication Between Siemens plc & Rockwell Control Logix

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  7/31/2008, 10:50 PM
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Importing a Technical Question of an User

Guest wrote:
Dear all,
               I want to know that for which siemens PLC i should go either S7-400 or 315-2DP .
As per  my requirement i need to communicate and pass some sort of Data to control logix from siemens PLC & mainly that siemens CPU should be redundant wether S7-300 CPU's can work as redundant also.

  8/1/2008, 8:04 AM
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With S7-300 you can get only Software Redundancy (cheaper, but slower). Hardware redundancy is implemented in S7-400H systems (more expensive, but faster and requires no additional efforts to make redundant system). If you introduce more details
 (data you mentioneted should passed 
from which device to which device, it's size, 
what operations should be implemented etc.)
 you can get more detailed answer.
  9/1/2008, 2:35 PM
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for communication with control logix with siemens PLC you need to use some kind of Gateway. may be you can use gateway 00 from renu Electronics. You can have Gateway manual at

It will fulfill your requirements.


  9/2/2008, 8:24 AM
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You can also use a DP-DP coupler to communicate between siemens plc(S7 300 or S7 400) and control logix plc .
  9/2/2008, 2:33 PM
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Since you want redundancy, there are some issues with communication with AB. DP-DP coupler and gateways may not work with software redundancy as it normally only supports ET200M as DP slaves. You can have ethernet open TCP communication to AB EWEB module. But you have to handle redundancy part in your program yourself which can be a bit tricky but possible.

If you use 400H system then you could use either gateways or DP slave modules from any manufacturers. Most popular ones are from Prosoft.

There are also other possibilities with modbus etc.

Jomy M Jose
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
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  10/5/2008, 7:11 PM
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Dear Amit,

Well we have been in such a sitution before and what we did was that, downloaded the Prosoft configuration builder and then Installed it. You can download it from:

After that we downloaded the related CPU GSD File from Siemens Support (I used 317-2DP). I Configured the Siemens CPU port as Salve and Imported the siemens GSD file in the prosoft builder. As we configure the Simatic Hardware I got I/Q address for read and write on the link both in SIMATIC manager for Slave Profibus port and in Prosoft Builder for Prosoft port. The only key point is that Configured the data as 16 bytes read and write as I had to just transfer the digital signals status, So at siemens side simply write the status of the Digital points to the Q Bytes of the Salve CPU i.e. For Status of I0.0 and to be mapped to Q256.0

It will be

A I0.0
= Q256.0

and similarly on the prosoft side we mapeed the I256.0 to a digital status controller tag using Move command in ladder. Thus it all happened. 

For you since you need it to be redundant I would say that you may have to use two such connectoins and manage the redundancy in the software as Jose mentioned in reply. 

Umar Samad
INTECH Process Automation

Umar Samad
Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Co. Ltd. (Borouge)
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