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SIMADYN-D controller

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  11/12/2007, 8:33 PM
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Dear All,

I am very new user for  Simadyn -D controller, need to convert / edit  logic written in SIM D (Struc View ) controller into new controller.

. Does anybody has soft copy of the instruction set / link for its manual?

. What are the meanings of the blocks and instructions?

. How to download and edit the code?

. which softwares are to be used?

. Does it opens in simatic manager ?

Thanks in advance fro the reply
  11/16/2007, 6:26 PM
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SIMADYN D is in phase out state and should not be used for new projects.

Actual products and similar to SIMADYN D are T400 (for Masterdrives) FM458 (for S7-400) and SIMATIC TDC.

Older SIMADYN D sations were programmed with STRUC L or STRUC G.
The files are CFP, CMP, UFP, UMP, OFP, OMP.

Newer ones used STEP 7, CFC and D7-SYS.
The file is a Step7 Archive (ARJ or ZIP)

It would help me a lot if you can say which SIMADYN D Processor you have (eg. PM16, PM5, PT16, PT31 etc) to replace and what you plan to use instead of it.

mfG / Best Regards

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