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  6/28/2012, 10:59 PM
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In one of my project, on the end of Rail 01 we have uncovered bus next to the comm(CP341) module. Is this the p/n we should use to cover same?



Below is the complete BOM.

Part NumberDescription 
S7-414H Redundant Fail-Safe CPU System
6ES7-414-4HM14-0AB0 CPU-414H, 2.8MB  
6ES7-952-1AL00-0AA0Main Memory RAM, 2 MB
6ES7-960-1AA04-0XA0 Hot Backup Sync Module  
6ES7-960-1AA04-5AA0 HBU Optical Link Cable, 1-meter  
6ES7-833-1CC00-6YX0F-Systems RunTime License, Single System  
6GK7-443-1EX20-0XE0 CP443-1 Ethernet Communication Processor  
6ES7-400-2JA00-0AA0 UR2-H Mounting Rack, 2x9 Slots  
6ES7-407-0KA02-0AA0 Power Supply, 120VAC, 10a, 2 Batt  
6ES7-971-0BA00 Backup Battery for Power Supply  
6ES7-490-1AA00-0AA0 Blank Slot Cover, 10-pk  
ET200M I/O Racks  -  Standard I/O 
6ES7-153-2AR03-0XA0IM153 Redundancy Bundle, Complete with:  
     Two IM-153-2 Profibus Interface Modules  
     Active Bus Module for Redundant IM153-2  
6ES7-307-1BA01-0AA0Rack Power Supply, 2a
6ES7-195-1GC00-0XA0Mounting Rail for Active Bus, Cut-to-Length, 2m  
6ES7-195-7HB00-0XA0Active Bus Unit for Two Single-Wide Modules  
6ES7-195-1JA00-0XA0Active Backplane Bus Cover, 4-pack
6ES7-321-1BH02-0AA016-pt 24VDC Discrete Input
6ES7-322-1BH01-0AA016-pt 24VDC Discrete Output
6ES7-331-1KF02-0AB08-pt Analog Input 
6ES7-332-5HF00-0AB08-pt Analog Output 
6ES7-331-7PF01-0AB08-pt RTD Input  
6ES7-392-1AJ00-0AA0Front Connector, 20-pin
6ES7-392-1AM00-0AA0Front Connector, 40-pin
6ES7-341-1CH02-0AE0CP341 Communication Processor, RS-485
6ES7-870-1AA01-0YA0Modbus Master Driver for CP341
6ES7-870-1AB01-0YA0Modbus Slave Driver for CP341
Option:  Pre-Wired Front Connectors for Rack B
6ES7-922-3BD20-0AB0Pre-wired Front Connector, 20-pin, 10-ft
6ES7-922-3BD20-0AC0Pre-wired Front Connector, 40-pin, 10-ft
6ES7-392-1AJ00-0AA0Front Connector, 20-pin
6ES7-392-1AM00-0AA0Front Connector, 40-pin
Profibus Networking  
6ES7-972-0BA52-0XA0  Profibus-DP FastConnect Connector, 90-deg
6XV1-830-0EH10Profibus-DP FastConnect Cable, per meter
6GK1-905-6AA00Profibus-DP FastConnect Stripping Tool
WinCC SCADA System  
6AV6-381-2BN07-0AX0WinCC Complete System, 512 PowerTags
6AV6-381-1AA00-0AX5WinCC Software Update Service, 1 License, 1 yr
6GK1-716-0HB80-3AA0S7-RedConnect Redundancy Connection Mgr
6GK1-716-0HB00-3AL0S7-RedConnect Software Update Service, 1yr
6GK1-161-3AA01CP1613-A2 Industrial Ethernet Card, PCI
6AG4-104-2AA11-2BX4Siemens IPC547D Industrial Computer
     Pentium Dual-Core G850, 2GB RAM
     500 GB Hard, DVD-ROM, WIndowsXP-Pro
6AV7-861-3AA00-+1AA0Siemens 19" Flat Panel Monitor, 24VDC
Programming Accessories  
6ES7-810-5CC11-0YA5Step7-Professional Programming Suite
6ES7-810-5CC04-0YE2Step7-Pro Software Update Service, 1-yr
6ES7-833-1CC02-0YA5Fail-Safe Function Block Programming Software
6ES7-658-1EX17-2YA5Step7 CFC Configuration Software
6ES7-658-1EX00-2YL8Step7 CFC Software Update Service, 1-yr
6ES7-972-0CB20-0XA0S7 Programming Cable, with Adapter

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  6/29/2012, 5:28 AM
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Yes the active bus unit cover part number is 6ES7195-1JA00-0XA0.
Normally we may use it if you have one bus module (for two 40 mm wide module) and only one 40mm module is available.
I said "may" because it is not necessarily to use these covers.
Hope this helps.

Ayman Elotaify
MISC Egypt
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