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Profinet to Profibus Conversion

Thread Starter: ssmanku1699   Started: 9/3/2011 1:16 PM   Replies: 2

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  9/3/2011, 1:16 PM
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Dear Users,

I am having one CPU 313C2 DP  and I need to  integrate the same on profinet . So I need  a way of  communicating the same plc of DP port with  a profinet port in another system. I think for that I need a Profibus to Profinet converter. Please Suggest. Is there any CP for the same which can be integrated along with CPU 313C2DP ?



Your's Truly,

Sarabjot Singh Manku

  9/3/2011, 1:58 PM
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Hello ssmanku1699

you have a few options to achive your goal:

1.) Assuming your 313C's DP port is NOT needed as a DP Master, you configure it for DP Slave mode and add an IE/PB Link to it as the Gateway to the Profinet I/O Controller.

2.) Add a CP343-1 to the 313C system and configure it as a Profinet I/O device.

3.) If your 313C's DP port is used as a DP Master port, you could still go with option 1 but will need to add a DP/DP coupler additionally (least favourite option to be honest, purely mentioned for completeness).

And here are a few selected example links with more on the above:
Where do you find sample programs and documentation on communication between S7-400 (PROFINET IO controller) and S7-300 (I slave) incorporating an IE-to-PB link gateway? 
Where can you find information on the topic of PROFINET?
How do you program communication blocks FC11 and FC12 for the PROFINET IO device?

I hope this helps    



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  9/30/2014, 2:05 PM
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