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S5 115U 942B - overall reset

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  8/6/2011, 9:14 AM
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kapse wrote:
i have s5 115u 942b plc. in run mode stop led is flashing , basp led lights up. in this system there is eprom.machine is not working. so i checked manual.

plz tell me what happens if overall reset perform?? how to do overall reset???
if battery is removed then the eprom program is lost or not??? tell me solution so plc run....

  8/6/2011, 10:57 AM
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If you perform an overall reset., the RAM memory of the PLC will be cleared. All data that are not on EPROM will be lost. For example setpoints or recipes entered by operator during normal operation of the machine.The data stored on EPROM will not be lost.

Removing battery does not clear the program stored on EPROM.

Make sure the memory module in PLC is an EPROM and not RAM. EPROM modules do not require a battery to keep the program. Maybe it is needed to keep runtime data.

If possible try to perform an upload from the PLC before executing overall reset. It might contain some actual data of DB's, assuming there is still valid data or program blocks in PLC's memory.

Overall reset can be done by PG or with switches on PLC. Procedure to do so is in manual which you obviously already has checked.

Push lower switch down, and switch twice from stop to run with upper switch (while holding lower switch down) to perform an overall reset.

After performing an overall reset, the PLC should read program from EPROM and go into RUN mode.

Hope this will help
  8/10/2011, 8:15 PM
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If  you dont' have eeprom means you lost program and you have to download blocks via step 5 and you can transfere All.
Regarding to overall reset as our friend said you can do it by PG or by hold down overall reset button and two times from stop to run but in some cases not possible from PG espcially when run led flashing  and at that time the only possible way to perform overall reset via hardware switch and not possible via software thats why we told overall reset button is indensible for step 5 cpu's.

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