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comunicação S7-1200\MM430

Thread Starter: scopel_rs   Started: 5/13/2011 12:43 AM   Replies: 3

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  5/13/2011, 12:43 AM
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Boa Tarde

Gostaria de saber se a como controlar 10 inversores de freqüência MM430 (velocidade e RUN/Stop) via um CLP S7 1200 com IHM para setar os valores.


  5/13/2011, 2:00 AM
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Dá sim, pela comunicação USS por exemplo, você pode controlar até 16 MM.

Vou te passar um link de uma aplicação feita utilizando USS(s7-1200 com G110).
Com poucas mudanças você consegue comunicar o s7-1200 com MM430.

Obs:Acabou de ser lançado o módulo de comunicação e o firmware que permite ao s7-1200 comunicar via PROFIBUS, uma nova possibilidade para sua aplicação.

Utilizando TIA11 (S7-1200 - PROFIBUS - MM440)

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  5/13/2011, 2:51 AM
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Hello gentlemen;
Faz favor de usar o idioma ingles nas proximas perguntas nesse foro. Obrigado.

For those of us in the forum who might be interested in the subject, but who do not have the chance to speak Portugese, here is a quick translation of the posts above:

Question from scopel_rs
Good evening;
I would like to know how to control 10 frequency inverters MM430 (speed and Run/Stop) with a PLC S7-1200, with a HMI panel to set these values.
Thank you.

Reply from Mr. Kataoka.:
It is true that with USS communications for example you can control up to 16 MM.
I wiil give you a link to an application developed for a S7-1200 with a G110.With a few changes you will be able to communicate between a S7-1200 and a MM430

Note: A new communication module and the firmware that allows the S7-1200 to communicate over Profibus have just been launched, a new possibility for your application.
Using  TIA v. 11 (S7-1200-Profibus-MM440): 
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Thank you Mr.Kataoka for posting the link. Connecting multiple motor drives is no problem. The MM430 would be configured the same way.

To reaffirm USS is still supported with the new release of TIA portal V11. Its functionality has not changed.

ETA: clarification.

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