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Diffrence Between Profinet and Profibus

Thread Starter: YogendraG   Started: 4/22/2010 7:29 AM   Replies: 1

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  4/22/2010, 7:29 AM
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Dear All,

      Can any one tell me the diffrence between Profinet and Profibus and Profibus-DP and

Profibus PA?


Yogendra G
  4/22/2010, 5:10 PM
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let me try to answer this.

1. The difference between PROFINET and PROFIBUS.
The major difference is PROFIBUS runs on RS 485 and is a bus system based on token passing. PROFIBUS is a deterministic system.
PROFINET runs on Ethernet (seen for RT and CBA, IRT needs some more requirements). Ethernet itself is a stochastic system. With PROFINET the system tries to run in an deterministic mode.

2. The difference between PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA.
Actually, there is nearly none... but
- the Baud rate on PA is always 31,25 kBit/s.
- the Baud rate of PROFIBUS is 9,6 kBit/s up to 12 MBit/s.

- the physics of PROFIBUS is RS485 with up to 5 V DC
- the physics of PROFIBUS PA is also RS 485 but it is intrinsically safe (< 3,3 V I think, but I am not sure right now... Rnf:lblSmileyTooltip_ )

- PROFIBUS PA may be run at EX areas... depending on certain regulations.

I think these are the most important differences... that just came up in my mind. I would appreciate any additions. cool

Best regards
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