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F023 fault on 6SE7038 inverter

Thread Starter: yaseen   Started: 9/1/2006 12:31 PM   Replies: 0

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  9/1/2006, 12:31 PM
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I am using 6SE7038 master drive. Last night it started giving me F023 Inverter overtemprature fault though i am not using the drive. It was kept idle powered up. After refering to the manual it says to check the temprature switch connected on X30. Looked through whole drive but could not find X30. Found X31 and noted that there are two temprature sensors connected on this terminal. One of the sensor was faulty. Now i can not find the part number of this sensor. Presently i have connected 5K resistance across this switch and made my drive working.
Two things here. 1. If any one come across this fault, do not look for X30, instead look for X31.
2. Could any one tell me what is the siemens part number for this tempratur sensor.
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