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SmartAccess License Key Transfer to an MP370

Thread Starter: ajones   Started: 8/17/2009 3:39 PM   Replies: 0

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  8/17/2009, 3:39 PM
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Hi All,

  I have two MP370 15" touchscreens, one each on seperate machines. Using the automation license manager, I was able to transfer one license key for SmartAccess over to the first HMI no problem once the type of comms, address and device were selected, I'm communicating via MPI/DP. When I connect my PG Unit to the second machine I'm unable to detect the HMI even though I can see its node active on the Simatic Manager.
 There is one difference between the HMI comms setup in WinCC flexible and that is for the HMI with the successful download, the check box for "only master on the bus" has been ticked where as the other is not ticked so will this stop me from being able to link up? Unable to exit runtime at the moment to check any settings in its control panel, is there anything to look for in the HMI's control panel that will stop me from communicating between the PG Unit and the HMI?

 Thanks for any help,
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