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Communication problem (MODBUS Master protocol) between CP341 RS 422/485 and Circutor

Thread Starter: Janko   Started: 2/13/2009 9:54 AM   Replies: 1

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  2/13/2009, 9:54 AM
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I have read through forum but i didnt find any solution to my problem.

I am using modul CP 341 RS 422/485 to read MODBUS memory map of circutor CVM NRG-96 via protocol MODBUS master. CPU is 315-2DP.
Installed software:-STEP7 v5.4 SP3-CP PtP Param V5.1 incl. SP8-Modbus Master (RTU) V3.1 incl. SP4
HW dongle is inserterd in modul.
Driver was loaded.
For communication i am using FBs 7 and 8 from example.
TXD green is blinking but RXD not. SF is OK.
In diagnostic buffer i get Receive error.
Event ID is 0830.

I checked the remedy for this error b
ut transmission line is not interrupted, protocol parameters are the same on circutor and for CP341, reply monitoring time is 2000ms and slave address exists .I am using modbus function 04 and SOURCE DB is in accordance with manual Modbus Master RTU.Is there any example for CP RS 485 because modbus example installed with software is using CP341 RS 232C. I dont think there should be any difference for parameters of FB 7 and FB8.

What could be wrong?

Please help me
Thank you in advanceJanko
  2/16/2009, 8:12 AM
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