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  5/10/2012, 9:49 AM
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I have this little problem on a WinCC Flexible installation. The system is using WinCC Flexible (SP2) recipes. According to CFR21 p. 11 it must not be possible to overwrite an existing recipe, and therefore it is possible to disable the “SAVE” button which Ihave done. However the “SAVE AS” is still there to be able to save a new version of the recipe, but if you don’t change the recipe name and you push “YES” when it tells you that the recipe is already existing, the old recipe will be overwritten with the new one. 

Is there a way to avoid the possibility to overwrite an old recipe? To me it should simply not be possible to push “YES” and overwrite the old recipe, it should just tell that the recipe is already existing and ask the user  to write a new recipe name.

maybe its possible to create a New SAVE as buttom like it's possible to Set the PLC_Download for downloading recipe...


Thanks in advance for your help.


Br Kasper

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If you use "save as" in your recipe view, a dialog appears.

Then you can insert a new data record name in this dialog.
A data record with a new name will be created.

Or you select an old data record in this dialog and click "OK".
Then you must click "OK" in the following dialog.
The data record will be saved with new values.

It is not possible to skip the security query at overwriting.

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